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The foundation for our marketing and media solutions center around creativity.  Not easy to harness at times, but when creativity is sparked, the end results can be truly amazing!


With a broad range of experience,

Sinar Media Consultants provide a number of services that make your dream a reality

Choosing the next marketing/media solution for your organization needs to be an investment that produces results, NOT a costly mistake.  Allow us to help you.

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"Such a pleasure to work with Sinar Media when my company came out to shoot a project in Odessa/Midland from Los Angeles. These guys have great equipment and are really fun to work with."


Arielle Worona,

Development Executive,

ITV Studios America,

Los Angeles, CA

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"When it was time to choose a graphics designer and media specialist for my show, [Sinar Media] was top of my list. I am so grateful that [they] accepted... because I believe wholeheartedly that the 'look' and quality of our show is better because of [their] involvement."


Tatum Hubbard,

CBS7 News Anchor & Host of Studio7